Marcia Call Me! Original Brady Bunch Love Song.

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An original song written for Marcia in the hope that if she hears the song, she will call! -------------------------- Lyrics: I like the stairs The things that she wears And her blue eyes It'd be a whole lot better If it was me instead of them guys Asked her a question She said what I said whats your name After she told me Knew it wouldn't be the same Chorus: Ma Ma Ma Marcia call me (repeat) Formica walls Invisible halls and her bedroom She had to share I like to stare and watch her groom She broke her nose But I don't care She still looks good Go to the house and find the place Right where she stood Chorus: Ma ma ma Marcia call me (repeat) I like her clothes Never saw her toes Oh what a smile She wants a date with Doc But I'll still wait a while I hope she hears my words Cuz I just want to say I watch the tube And think about you everyday Chorus: Ma ma ma Marcia call me (repeat) ------------------------------------- I wrote and recorded this song back in 2007. I had always had a crush on Marcia, and dreamed of the idea of talking to her on the phone. I knew I always wanted to make a video for the song but never got around to it until recently. If you would like the mp3 of this song. Leave your email in a private message.
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