The Kiffness X Thai Pile Drivers (Work Shanty) [Live Looping Drum & Bass Remix] HD

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I made a drum & bass banger out of a work shanty from Thailand.

Original video on YouTube:
Original video on TikTok:
In Thailand, manual pile driving is a common construction technique. Workers are often seen singing a song while completing the task to help keep time when pushing down on the pile. It obviously makes the job more fun too & sounds way better than a pile driving machine. Hope you enjoy my remix!

Apparently this is the original song which they're singing called "Jung Si Mun tong thon" or "มันต้องถอน - ปอยฝ้าย มาลัยพร" in Thai:
I am in touch with the owner of the video. We will be sharing the ad revenue made from this video.

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