Imagine (youtube human version) Parody

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John Lennon's Imagine performed completely by mouth. Includes new Youtube lyrics! ------------------------------------ Lyrics: Imagine there's no Youtube It's not that easy if you try No account to login to Nothing to do but die Imagine all the people Living for Youtube Imagine there's no videos It's very hard to do Nothing to rate or comment And no video responses too Imagine all the people Living for Youtube (chorus) Some people say I'm a Youtuber But I'm not the only one I hope some day you'll join my channel And Youtube will be as one Verse two coming straight off of the mic to you Lisa Nova's comin over think Fred might be coming too Kicking it at the home. My lyrics are in the zone Can you please do us a favor and just leave Brittany alone when I don't know what to do and my head is feeling pain I grab a brew, shake the dew and listen to some Chocolate Rain So get up on my video and let me see the views swing To get paid to pay off all of my bling (repeat chorus) ----------------------------------- This version comprised of 9 audio tracks, all performed by mouth 1. beat 2. piano part 1 (right hand) 3. piano part 2 (right hand) 4 piano part 3 (right hand) 5 bass line (pitched 1 octave down) 6 strings 1 7. strings 2 8. strings 3 9. vocals To record all the audio and render a final version took a total of about 25 hours To shoot and edit the video took about 4 hours. Since this song was performed as a parody, it falls under the Fair Use Act Hope you enjoy!
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