Tweet (A Parody about Twitter, based on Radiohead's - Creep)

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If the video doesn't play, Watch in HQ. It should work! Tweet - A parody of the famous song Creep from Radiohead. Acoustic version - Guitar and piano ------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics: When you followed me before I didn't ask you why It's just like the devil Your tweets make me cry You twit like you're crazy You follow the whole world I wish I could twitter You're the queen of twitter Chorus: But I don't tweet I don't twitter What the hell am I doing on here I shouldn't be signed on here Verse: I don't care if it's cool It's got control Tell me everything you're doing Tell me everywhere you go You want me to notice When you twit me a frown You do nothing but twitter I wish I could twitter (Chorus) She's tweeting like a whore Shes tweeting like... Shes tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet......... Tweeting makes her happy Tweet what you want You do nothing but twitter I wish I could twitter (Chorus)
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