Завораживающе! Amazing Chain Reactions! HD

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Dominoes, Kapla, popsicle stick bombs, cobra weaves, chain reactions, and other cool tricks! Click to tweet: Click to share on Facebook: Really sorry for not posting a video in a month :(. (I haven't done that in years!) Midterms and school just got me really busy. Anyways, this video is mainly to test my new Canon 70D with the 18-135mm lens and my table dolly which I got for Christmas. All the main camera views are with m new camera. The quality and autofocus of the Canon 70D is amazing! Sometimes it has trouble adjusting to different lighting though. Sort of a short video, but I hope you enjoy :) A very big setup (over 20K dominoes) will be coming soon! If you're new, be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it! _____________________________________
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