Iodine Clock Reaction Chemical Experiment! HD

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Hello everyone. Today we will have a very unusual chemical reaction, called "Egyptian night" or the simplified version of the chemical pendulum.
First, let's take a beaker and pour there a small amount of potassium iodide and sodium thiosulfate.
Next dissolve this mixture into a 100 ml of water.
Take a second beaker and dissolve there a little soluble potato starch.
First, dissolve starch in a cold water, then pour boiling water into the beaker, to better dissolve starch.
The solution becomes slightly cloudy.
Next, pour starch solution to the first solution, where we have a mixture of potassium iodide and sodium thiosulfate.
We get a little cloudy solution.
Next, let's make a second working solution.
That solution may be of a various concentrations.
For this purpose I poured into each beaker a different amounts of 30% hydrogen peroxide, solution was acidified and the acid solution was diluted to 40 ml.
We now carry out the reaction. I set the clock so you can see how the reaction occurs. In the main beaker I poured 20ml of the first working solution, and now I'm pouring the second working solution into the beaker.
Time passes and the solution rapidly becomes black.
The color change is a reaction between iodine and starch, starch as an indicator of iodine.
Now take two beakers of the first working solution.
Now, however, the second solution is with different concentrations and the reaction time can change.
One, two, three, and mix solutions.
The first solution reacts rapidly, but the second one is a bit longer.
This reaction is quite beautiful and spectacular. You can play long enough with it.
And now let's look at the color change in a slow motion. Facebook:
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