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Add me on Facebook (Click the like button on facebook to add me as a friend) NOTE: This device doesnt float any object. You have to place the special magnetic disc that comes with the unit, inside of the objects you want to float. The device I'm using in this video is the Levitron Revolution. Normally you are supposed to place an object on top of the magnetic disc. Obviously you can have a lot of fun doing that and get great results but I wanted to take it a step further by hiding the disc inside what ever object I was trying to float. To see the object floating "by itself" just gives a much more dramatic feel. To float the rubiks cube, I had to drill out a hole in the cube big enough for the disc to fit in. I felt really bad destroying a rubiks cube but I thought the final result was worth it. ©1974 Rubik's® Used under licence Rubik's Brand Ltd. All rights reserved.
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