Amazing Glowing Liquid! (How to) HD

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Be sure to check out 10 Party Tricks for 2014 collaboration here And check out the playlist of all 10 videos here Also, be sure to visit each of the channels involved in the collaboration: Kipkay: Night Hawk In Light: Steve Spangler: NurdRage: Scam School: Household Hacker: Grant Thompson: Add me on Facebook. (click the LIKE button on Facebook to add me) Download the music in this video. Song Name: Dark Wave iTunes: Amazon: Make glowing liquid easily by using tonic water that contains quinine. Quinine is a chemical that reacts to UV light. Tonic water can be found at almost any grocery store and it's cheap to buy. The more black lights you add the more the tonic water will glow. You can make ice-cubes with tonic water and use it for your drinks. You can also make glowing decorative shapes. It's a simple and fun experiment. Give it a try!
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