Amazing Ball Illusion!

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Add me on Facebook brusspup t-shirts! Playing around with an ipod, a tv, 2 computers and a ping pong ball. No special effects were used. Lets clear up some controversy. How I did the video: I filmed 5 separate clips of me dropping a pingpong ball onto a wooden surface. Each clip is unique. I edited all the clips together so that I could calculate the timing needed to carry out the stunt. After I calculated the times, I rendered each clip separately. Clip 1 - Transferred to the desktop computer Clip 2 - Burned to dvd to play on the LCD TV Clip 3 - Transferred to the laptop Clip 4 - Transferred to iPod Clip 5 - Transferred to iPod How the overall video was executed. 1. Hit play in WMP for Clip 1 to start. Length of clip approx 1:40 seconds 2. Hit play on dvd player, iPod clip #1 and WMP on laptop at approximately the same time. 3. Once the ball "rolled" into the iPod from the laptop I loaded iPod clip #2. 4. Continued walking back to desktop computer which has been playing the video since the beginning, then tilted the ipod at the appropriate time so that it would match up with the desktop clip. Thats it! There is absolutely no remote used in this video. PERIOD! Don't ask me why I stood with my hand behind my back. I just did.
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