Amazing Anti-Gravity Illusion!

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brusspup t-shirts! Like me on Facebook: I'd like to credit Kokichi Sugihara for the concept of this design. This is an amazing illusion in which objects appear to roll up hill. Definition of "illusion": something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality. This is one of the most difficult illusions I've ever produced. There are similar illusions out there that I based this off of. I had no instructions on how to produce it so I spent weeks thinking about how to create it. The idea is that from one specific angle the objects appear to roll uphill ..but in reality the objects are rolling downhill. I created the illusion by using a 3D program called Lightwave. I first created the ramps the way they appear to be in reality. Then I copied the ramps and pasted them directly over the original. Then I started to change the shapes of the copied ramps with the original foreground ramps as a guide. I could manipulate the background ramps, changing them from uphill to downhill while keeping the alignment of both sets of ramps. After I finished the manipulated ramps ...I flattened the objects ...then printed them out ...cut them ...folded them ...then placed the camera in the original specific angle. It took me over 2 weeks to perfect the process. But I was pleased with the results. I used blacklights mainly to highlight the fluid ..but wasnt really happy with the results. I used construction paper and covered the ramps with box tape so to make it water proof.
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