Most Interesting and Awesome Chemical Reactions Compilation HD

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Hello everyone, today we will conduct the most interesting chemical experiment, which I personally like the most. Also, you should consider that some of these experiments are quite dangerous and I don't recommend repeating them. The first experiment -- explosion of the balloon with acetylene. Next comes the explosion of the balloon with hydrogen. Then -- the interaction of aluminum powder with potassium dichromate. Next there will be a reaction of potassium chlorate and sugar. To this mixture some substances are added for the fire to become colorful. The next reaction -- the interaction of sodium with water. Typically sodium explodes in water, which we will observe now. And another beautiful reaction -- burning of nitrocellulose. Nitrocellulose burns very quickly. Its property can be used for different tricks. For example, the burning of nitrocellulose on hand. Nitrocellulose burns very quickly and practically does not burn your hand. And the last reaction -- crystallization of the supersaturated solution of sodium acetate, and an experiment that is also called "hot ice." Facebook:
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