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Funniest Drunk Fails || Happy Saint Patricks Day from FailArmy. Shout out to everyone who submitted a drunk fail. I want to use this moment to urge all of you, when capturing a fail drunk or not, record it horizontally. You'll be glad you did. Shout out to the drunken stars of this video, have a happy and safe St. Paddy's and let us know your thoughts down below. Salute! What To Watch Next: Unlucky Pets Top 5 Beer Olympics Download the NEW FAILARMY APP for iOS: and Android: Check out our second channel FailArmy U: Click to SUBSCRIBE for more awesome Fails! ► Submit a Video ► Click to get Fail Army Gear! ► Watch our 24/7 fail stream here: Like us on Facebook! ► Follow us on Twitter! ► Instagram► FailArmy is the world’s number one source for fail compilations and hilarious videos. Powered by submissions from the awesome people, priceless reactions, and feedback from the FailArmy Nation, which stands at more than twelve million members, FailArmy delivers the best epic fails, funny animals videos and pranks from around the world, every single week. Try not to laugh when you watch our top fails of the month, seasonal specials, and, of course, the weekly “Fails of the Week” compilations, the FailArmy has got you covered for your daily dose of the viral comedy videos that will make you laugh. Original Links: Guy Uses Beer Pong Table as Slip n Slide Guy Gets Dropped on Head during Keg Stand drunk guy celebrartes bday Guy Hits Self in the Face with Champagne Cork Drunk Man Gets Dragged Around Melbourne St. Patty's Piggyback Race Goes Badly 2nd Story Beer Pong Dunk Fail Dog Begs for Bottle of Beer Drunk Girl Breaks Table Drunk Guy Falls in Convenient Store Girl Falls in Tub Taking Mirror Selfie Drunk Guy Falls in Bushes Friends Knock Over Beer Bottles Girl Falls while Attempting Cartwheel Drunk Girl Gives Sloppy Lap Dance Drunk Guy Can't Get Dog Inside Taxi Drunk Leprechaun Dancing on a Pole Champagne Sabre Fail Fall Over Drunk Underwhelming Champagne Pop Guy Accidentally Funnels Beer Bong onto Himself Drunk Girl Dances and Falls into Pool Drunk Girl Sliding in the Streets Human Totem Pole Fail Drunk Girl Falls off Car at Tailgate Guys Put Googly Eyes on Their Passed Out Friend Drunk Girl Slips and Falls on Bathroom Floor Beer Shotgun Fail Guys Try to Put a Giant Cone into Basketball Hoop Woman Breaks Glass during Selfie Session Guy Fails to Fart on Friend's Head Guy Fails to Stop Ceiling Fan Drunk Girl Dancing on Car Breaks the Windshield Drunk Guy Needs Help in Bathroom Drunk Russian Man Falls off Balcony Guy Catches on Fire during Flaming Shot Woman Crushes Beer Chugging Contest
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