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Attention! This experiment should be done in well ventilated area or in a fume hood! Gloves must be put on!
Hello everyone. Today we will conduct an interesting experiment which is called a three-layer colored liquid.
To conduct this experiment, we will need a solution of potassium dichromate, which we pour into the test tube. Let's pour a small amount of liquid.
Next, we need diethyl ether. Diethyl ether has low density, so it will float on the surface of a solution of potassium dichromate.
The diethyl ether layer should be slightly thicker than the lower liquid layer.
Next, add a small amount of sulfuric acid solution to our mix.
To start the reaction, add a few drops of a 20% hydrogen peroxide into the test tube.
After adding the hydrogen peroxide a very interesting transformation occurs.
Fluid between the layers of earth and potassium dichromate becomes dark.
When potassium dichromate and hydrogen peroxide react in acidic environment, an unstable compound is formed - chromium oxide peroxide.
That compound decomposes immediately into an aqueous solution and gives the middle layer of the liquid a dark color.
However, in organic solvents, such as diethyl ether, chromium oxide peroxide can be stabilized and exist long enough without decomposition.
And for that reason, the upper layer turns blue color.
This experiment demonstrates the interesting properties of chromium.
The title chrome metal comes from the Greek name "Chrome", which means "color". Such title name was chosen because different chromium compounds, depending on the degree of oxidation, can have almost all colors of a rainbow. Facebook:
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