Incredible Gravity Ruler Trick!

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brusspup t-shirts! Add me on Facebook: (click the like button on facebook to add me) This is an oldie but a goodie. Even though I have seen this demonstration before, everything I see it I still can't believe it. I decided to give it a try myself and sure enough it works easily. You definitely should give it a try. It's fun to take the ruler and balance the tip on the end of your finger. Your instinct is to not want to let go because you feel like it'll fall but it doesn't. If you decided to try this trick just becareful with the hammer not to drop it on your toes or the floor. And also you will need to use a hammer that has an edge where the grip stops about halfway up. You need the edge for the string to catch on to. I wrote the song in this video. You can download it on itunes here: Song name: Soul Switch Follow me on twitter:
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