Crazy Chair Illusion! (Behind the scenes)

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Add me on Facebook: (hit the LIKE button to add me on Facebook) A little extra footage of the aftermath of creating this illusion. I used about 15 sheets of black poster board and a lot of tape. I created the "shadows by placing a real chair in the "center" of where the 2 shadows will be and shining a light on the chair which created a real shadow. Then I cut the poster board and taped it over the real shadow. After I finished the first shadow I placed the light on the other side of the chair which created another shadow. I cut and taped the posterboard for that shadow. So the original idea for this video was create the illusion that a chair was sitting in the room and casting a shadow, but when you move the camera to the other side ..the chair now becomes the new shadow and the old shadow becomes the chair. The idea basically worked but it wasnt as convincing as I wanted because the lighting was such a problem. You really cant have such a strong shadow unless it's dark in the room except for 1 light source. So I could get the illusion to work from one angle perfectly, but when I changed angles then the lighting was a problem. So I decided to just edit the main video showing only the one angle. Follow me on Twitter:
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